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ECO-SYSTEM : 1. Sports Activity - 2. Reward SPO Token - 3. Exchange SPO to SpoPay - 4. Buy Sports Goods And Go To Step.1 Again

User-created sports eco-system

SponB wallet & SpoPay


a self-made
sports culture

Join SponB, for the new sporting culture that you can create yourself.

- Tournaments, competitions, events, various lectures are available
- Search for sports activities in my location

Check facility information,
make reservations at once in SponB App

- Information on facilities (location, contact information, open time, etc.)
can be viewed
- Scheduling function for facility reservation

Your Wallet will be automatically created when you sign up

- Wallet for ETH and SPO token will be supplied automatically
- Manage your tokens easily even during sports activities

Token Distribution

Token Distribution - 50%:Company,Eco-system,Reserve / 30%:Reward / 10%:Member,Advisor,Partner / 10%:Token Sales Expense Distribution - 30%:Service Development&Operation / 30%:Marketing&Events / 30%:Eco-system development&Commercialization / 10%:Business&Management Operations
Total Token Supply | 3,500,000,000

SponB Sports Blockchain Acceleration

Taekwon Block - SponB - Billards Block Taekwon Block Taekwon Block
SponB will be always with you. - We provide the function of understanding the needs of users and suppliers by the data of block chain for each sport, thus creating the dispersed sports genre as one ecosystem. SponB sports ecosystem does not represent a simple partnership, but an axis of an organic ecosystem.


- Business strategy -

- Developers -

- Marketing & Community -

- Blockchain Advisor -

- Sports & Healthcare Advisor -


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